1) FINANCIAL SAFETY - rule no 1: never lose money!
2) STABLE, EVERYDAY INCOME - pay your bills quickly
3) MAKING 10% - 30% OF YOUR ACCOUNT ON A DAILY BASIS - get a new car within 3 months out of $1000 investment
4) YOUR OWN BUSINESS - think big, think professional
5) WINNER PERSONALITY - your money must work for you, not the other way around
6) BUSINESS SCALE WEALTH MANAGEMENT SKILLS - no loans ever again, no over-risking
7) ABILITY TO ADJUST YOUR WORKING HOURS - to your family life and current profession
8) BECOME YOUR OWN BOSS - you will decide how many hours you want to work and how much money you want to earn
9) YOUR OWN SIGNAL GENERATOR - stop buying signals, start selling them for additional income
10) CERTYFICATE OF ACHIVEMENTS - that can help you to get a job as a Professional Trader
11) SURPRISE FOR THE BEST STUDENTS :) - for the best students we have an offer to work for us


-Those of you whose strategy was great in theory, but in practice it brought a loss
- Business-orientated people, who would like to get a new career, and to get a practical experience in money management and Financial Markets
- Serious individuals who have a feeling for Markets but not for programming
- Ambitious people who understand what a Business Plan is and why it’s important in each investment 
- Individuals who know what a Business Risk is and will be willing to take it to reach their goals 
- People who are determined and hard working for their dreams and don’t believe that money grow on trees or hoping to win the Lottery 
- Aspiring young people who wish to enter the Financial Markets and have a clear vision of their career path 

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